Engineered skid packages or pump skid systems are terms used to describe integrated packages mounted on a common base plate. The package generally includes a mixture of tanks, piping, chemical Injection pumps or chemical transfer pumps, instrumentation valves and other operational hardware. These are generally purpose engineered and built to suit the specific application for the specific project.

Water Engineering Services FZE utilize the most advanced method to transform complex customized designs from concept to reality. By thoroughly working through the design at the concept and development stage, WES avoids fabrication and assembly issues at time of construction and guarantees the future functionality of each engineered skid package

Whether your project requires a single or multi-injection package design, our manufacturing ensures safe, high-performance fabrication. Our chemical injection skids and packages provide applicable chemicals according to specific process demands, and are ideal for package installations.

Global oil refining, natural gass, water treatment and subsea companies rely on us to meet their fluid packaging requirements and supply equipment that is built to last.


Chemical Injection Skid